Labor of Love

20150227_120951 (2).jpg

So many things in life are a labor of love.  This painting was my very first floral.  I wanted it to turn out breathe taking!  It didn't.  I painted and repainted.  It took me so long to complete, my painting style actually evolved and changed during the process.  It did not come easy but it was totally worth it.  I like the end result - not breath taking, but to me, beautiful.

I struggle sometimes to know what is worth all my time and heart.  I am, according to Myer's-Briggs, an INFJ-T (that is a whole other post) - very passionate about what I choose to give myself over to.  When I set myself to something I give it my whole heart. My mind races with possibilities and thoughts.  I can't even get them out and down fast enough.  Everything for me is very connective; how we connect as family, as artists, as mothers - so many things.  I love when I have those moments when I feel deeply connected to my past or my heritage.  Nature and solitude are hypnotic to me - how the wind moves, how the sunlight and shadows dance, it creates an innate since of belonging.  It is my peace and joy.  I want to paint those things that mean so much to me because we all need peace and joy. 

Obviously not everyone will see my vision (I never feel I can get out what I see in my head), many, if not most, will simply see a lemon or a bunch of flowers, but hopefully some of you will see it and you will feel light, you will see and feel something that pulls you closer.  I want you to close your eyes and be in that place, that moment - to escape, just for a moment.

 Finding that "tribe", my "tribe" of people who do - that is a worthy cause.  And although honestly I don't seem to be doing it very well and feel like giving up, I know it is worth my time and heart. I know that we all need light.