An Angel named Maya

Sometimes we meet people in life who just stay with us, always - even if just in our hearts and minds. I met two such lovely ladies this past summer. (Well if I’m honest I met twenty-one such lovely ladies, but this story is about two in particular.) Linda and Bonnie. Mother and daughter. And a bit of their story about the love a mother has for her daughter.

Linda reminded me very much of my sweet mother and it was such a blessing to be a part of their existence if even just for a week. We were invited into their life. And that molded a piece of my heart, changed it, and even turned it the color of Maya Blue.

Maya is Bonnie’s sweet baby girl who had recently passed away from Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). Over the week we came to know Maya through Bonnie and Linda. What a blessing that was for each of us. This little spunky, amazingly strong girl loved to make other people happy through her random acts of kindness. Bonnie challenged each of us to make it a habit of doing random acts of kindness and allowing Maya to live on through them. She even has these beautiful cards to remind people to pass along the kindness.

Each year I paint a select number of angels to share during the holiday - I love them because they are simple and embody a sense of light and hope. This year I am painting a beautiful blue angel named Maya. She will be a 4x6 inch acrylic on paper. I am painting 20 angels, they are $55 USD each and $50 USD each will be donated in Maya’s behalf to St. Jude Children’s hospital #LiveLikeMaya Holiday Fund. I am so excited to help share my talent to bring light and hope to others. As a cancer survivor myself, there is never too much that can be shared to find a cure and I am thankful that I can share my talent to help support Maya.

These angels are only available through my Instagram @tamelakoshiolart or Facebook page Tamela Koshiol Art. Look for the post, comment sold, and you can pay directly with, please be sure to message me your mailing address.

You can read more about Maya and her story here and here. And if you choose to make a direct donation you can do so here.

Tamela Koshiol