Balancing Act

Being an artist by nature is, well, it's a hard road on so many levels.  Your soul deeply yearns to create.  Your mind is constant with ideas, possibilities, and sadly full of self doubt.

Today being an artist is all about doing something that just doesn't come natural (to me).  Social media platforms are such an important way to connect with other creatives, clients, and supporters - but it is so much to manage!

I am still maneuvering the deep blue sea of it all and I just can't seem to get consistent with it.  I am hopeful I can find a successful groove.  It is a lot of work.  It is oddly rewarding to see those numbers go up (people like what I do? WOW).  But how much of real contact do I want to give up to be successful at virtual contact?

Does anyone else feel like this? How do you get it right?  Do we just pretend until one morning we wake up and it seems to be working?



Tamela Koshiol