Spring Cleaning


Well I would be lying if I didn’t say this time of year makes me want to clean everything out and start afresh. Unlike New Year’s (where I don’t make resolutions so much) - I completely fall into the whole purge known as spring cleaning. Seriously though, even here in warm Florida - we still have spring. The trees get their bright new green leaves. Birds and their little chicks are emerging from their nests. Flowers are blooming. The bees are all a buzz. The air around me is rich with the sweet aroma of orange blossoms. I love it! (Well I love it from my window view most days. Sadly the pollen is not my friend.) But I just can’t help but think of all the excitement of a fresh new start. Leaving behind the dust and slumber of what was to a brighter what can be.

The world just feels a bit lighter. And I love that. I love the promise of hope. The excitement of possibilities. And yes, a clean house - even if it doesn’t last. I love a clean house. Tidy shelves. Shiny floors. The smell of clean, I love the smell of clean. What might that be you ask? Because clean most definitely has a smell. For me that smell is lemon. Fresh, bright, and zesty!

In the studio it is a desire to freshly stock tubes of paint. Empty out cluttered shelves. Unwrap new canvases and paint big lush landscapes or maybe bright blue water - I don’t know! But I am excited to do it.